Experienced Intelligence Analyst and creator of the Cognitive Stairways of Analysis Framework, Nicole Hoffman has a passion for developing the analytic tradecraft. Her work, research, and presentations have inspired and educated others around the international analytic community.

For someone diagnosed with ADHD, intelligence analysis can be mentally taxing. An experienced speaker, Nicole developed frameworks to dive deeper into the process of sensemaking in order to increase her analytic capability.

Nicole was inspired by her kids to write a children’s book that could introduce threat intelligence concepts through a whimsical medieval tale. Nicole believes children are the future and wants to empower the next generation of Intelligence Analysts.

The mightiest warriors have the courage to be their most authentic selves.

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Think Steps: A Practical Guide

By: Nicole Hoffman In 2020 while doing a deep dive into analysis, I unintentionally created my own analysis framework called the Cognitive Stairways of Analysis. I introduced the framework within a blog post, but it didn’t gain traction until I presented the framework at the 2021 SANS CTI Summit in January. During the presentation I […]

Introducing the OSINT Stairway

By: Nicole Hoffman After creating this framework, I implored others to contribute to the framework either by creating their own stairway or by remixing an existing stairway to fit their analytical processes. I am excited to announce a new stairway that I have been working on for the past few months with the help of […]

How to Guide for Presenting Projects to C-Suite (ATT&CK Edition)

By: Nicole Hoffman This blog post was originally written as a conference talk. I enjoy writing out my talks as essays before creating my slides. I decided to share this essay as a blog post. I hope you enjoy. I included my slides from my talk at the end.  If you follow me on Twitter […]