Experienced Intelligence Analyst and creator of the Cognitive Stairways of Analysis Framework, Nicole Hoffman has a passion for developing the analytic tradecraft. Her work, research, and presentations have inspired and educated others around the international analytic community.

For someone diagnosed with ADHD, intelligence analysis can be mentally taxing. An experienced speaker, Nicole developed frameworks to dive deeper into the process of sensemaking in order to increase her analytic capability.

Nicole was inspired by her kids to write a children’s book that could introduce threat intelligence concepts through a whimsical medieval tale. Nicole believes children are the future and wants to empower the next generation of Intelligence Analysts.

The mightiest warriors have the courage to be their most authentic selves.

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Publicly available sources for industry-specific threat landscape reports

By: Nicole Hoffman If you work in cyber threat intelligence (CTI), you have probably at one time or another been tasked with writing an industry-specific cyber threat landscape report. I have performed several of these investigations whether it was for a request for information (RFI), a blog, a research project, or even a writing prompt…

Lateral Thinking Series: Lessons from the healthcare industry

As an analyst, I enjoy thinking. As a cognitive science nerd, I also enjoy thinking about thinking. How can I think better? As someone diagnosed with ADHD, analysis can sometimes be challenging especially if I am not super intrigued about the topic. This is partially what led me to go down a rabbit hole of…

Lateral Thinking Series: Lessons from the Financial Industry

I really enjoy using the skills I have learned outside of information security (infosec) and applying them to problem solving in cyber threat intelligence. This is known as lateral thinking, or a way of solving problems using an indirect and creative approach via reasoning that is not immediately obvious.(Wikipedia) Several problems, especially in infosec, require…